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you can earn up to 16% to 18% interest on your money, supported by united-states law and backed by real estate. it's a killer strategy. >> nothing even comes close to the events that than and his team put on. they are information-packed and have helped me so much. >> over the course of this show, you're gonna see examples of the 31 real-estate deals that i have going on right now, like the one behind me that i'll be selling in just a few days and will make over $35,000 on. at my events, you're also gonna see examples of people who are making money in your backyard using my system. and that's why these live events are so valuable, because you're gonna be learning what is working right now in today's market, as opposed to outdated information from a book written three years ago. however, if you sit around and wait, you're gonna miss the absolute best window of opportunity to make money. because we're at the bottom of the market cycle right now, which is the best time to get in. right now, i'd like to give you the opportunity to get two tickets to the upcoming two-hour training eve
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)